Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell directly to foodservice distributors?

Yes, we’re happy to work with any distributor who will carry our product lines. Also, most of our items are stocked by Dot Foods, our redistribution company.

Do you have minimum orders?

Typically, we prefer to ship at least 2,500 lbs. For our ship weight specifications regarding different products, contact us for more information.

Are all of your products Kosher?

Many of the items we produce are kosher. For a specific listing, click here.

Do you sell to individual consumers?

No, we are a business to business enterprise. But, many of our distributors have “cash and carry” locations in their markets that sell to individual consumers.¬†Also, FoodserviceDirect.com and Amazon.com sell many of our items in small order quantities.

As an individual restauranteur, can I receive a sample of your products sent to my restaurant?

Yes, click here to email your sample request. We will also help you locate a purveyor to deliver our product to you should you choose to place it onto your menu.

Do you have technical data sheets with vital quality information available?

Yes, see specific product for current product specification information. Or contact us to request additional information. Our quality assurance staff will review your request and try to provide additional technical and/or performance information.

Do you offer low sodium products?

Yes, click here for listing

Do you offer gluten free products?

Yes, click here for listing