Sesame Dots
  • Item #: 10300
  • Case Specifications
  • Shipping Weight: 16
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.4×11.6×8.0
  • Cube: 0.83
  • Pallet Qty: 90
  • Shelf Life: Optimum quality – 180 days
  • Dairy

Sesame Dots

Often salad bar items are considered price sensitive because they are giveaways. Sesame Dots are priced so that a heavily topped salad is operator affordable.

  • Tastes great, high customer appeal
  • Profitable, best plate coverage per pound
  • Finest ingredients
  • Kosher Certified Dairy – Orthodox Union
  • Adds excitement to salads

These attractive, flavorful sesame seed and wheat flour dots are lightly crisped in soybean oil, producing the perfect toasted color.

Sesame Dots provide an excellent “Grande Finale” on the salad bar. Also, some operators are blending sesame dots in snack mixes for a unique flavor addition.


  • Milar heat sealed for freshness
  • Case: 2 7.5 lb. bulk bags